Estrella Bearded Collies
The stars of Estrella Bearded Collies: Zoe, Mia, Sawyer, and Maggie

Welcome to Estrella Bearded Collies...Where we strive to produce puppies who can do it all! 

Hello, my name is Jenny Scheytt and I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan with my  Bearded Collies Maggie, Zoe, Sawyer, and Mia and Soleil.  I love to do lots of different things with my beardies. We do conformation, rally, herding, but our favorite thing to do is agility. Estrella beardies are very versatile and hold titles in conformation, agility, herding, rally, Obedience, lure coursing and therapy, You can find out more about all of us as you browse though our website. Please check back in with us from time to time to hear about all the adventures we embark upon throughout the year.